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Whole House Remodeling Project Featured in Shaker Life Magazine

Shaker Life Magazine Fall 2016 | Karlovec & Company Design Build RemodelWe’re excited to share this “Great Shaker Homes” feature article and photo spread recently published in the Fall 2016 issue of Shaker Life, which prominently profiles one of the most extensive and creative design/build remodel projects we’ve completed in recent years.

In the article, author Jennifer Kuhel describes the evolution and results of a nearly year-long renovation project on Chadbourne Road that began when our clients found themselves debating whether to make some minor remodeling updates, move to a new home, or stay in place and totally rethink their indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Long-time Shaker Heights residents Chris and Evangeline Ramsay had raised their children, grown entrenched in the community, and even established a business (Shaker Hound Academy) in their beloved neighborhood, all factors that led them to the decision to stay and renovate. “We started to realize that we wouldn’t just be moving, we’d be moving off our street and off our block. So we decided that this is where we’re planted and we’re just going to make it a little bit bigger,” Chris is quoted as saying.

Enter Jim Karlovec, and the expert design/build remodeling team at Karlovec & Company.

shaker-life-magazine-great-shaker-homes-fall-2016-spread1-webThe Design/Build Remodel Process

The article not only describes the outcomes of the project, but also the process that was followed to get there. Jim describes his design inspiration and thought process, which involves getting to know clients and their families, and creating smart spaces based on an in-depth understanding of the clients’ goals.

“The idea is to create spaces that are built for specific goals and needs and to consider how a family evolves over time,” Jim states. “It’s less about more land and more square footage and more about better design and better craftsmanship.”

As the article notes, sometimes this process takes time. Lots of time.

Chris Ramsay described what this is like, from the client’s point of view. “Jim came to our house at least five times. He talked to all of us, saw how we lived and how we go about stuff. He’d just watch us in the kitchen and see us bumping into each other. I’d show him where the dogs would eat, their crates, where I keep the food, where they sleep. Dogs are a part of my business and my house and Jim picked up on that right away.”

Shaker Life Magazine Fall 2016 | Karlovec & Company

Whole House Remodel Includes Multiple Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The whole house remodel includes a nearly 3-story tall addition and outdoor living space, a kitchen/dining room combo, living room, den, dining room, finished basement, retrofitting whole-house air conditioning, and more.

The 14-page article and photo spread features fabulous shots and descriptions of many creative solutions and personalized spaces designed around the Ramsay’s 3-generation extended family, regular (canine) house guests, and their love of indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Of course you can also learn more right here on our website. Start here by viewing the kitchen/dining room project in our project gallery.

Happy Clients and a Renewed Sense of Place

Chris and Evangeline are delighted with the results of the project. The unique and highly personalized indoor and outdoor spaces have greatly enhanced their lives.

Jim is again quoted in the article as saying “People who are grounded and in it for the long haul finish a project like this and they’re happy. Like 24/7 happy. These are the types of decisions that are life-changing,”

“When we started doing the drawings and it started coming together, I knew it was going to be really cool, and now, it has so exceeded my expectations,” says Chris. “We have a great place to stay,” agrees Evangeline.

We couldn’t be more pleased.


(Special thanks to Shaker Life Magazine, author Jennifer Kuhel, and photographer Kevin G. Reeves.)

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