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Underutilized Bedroom Transformed into Gallery Inspired Office

This Shaker Heights home office was created in an underutilized bedroom. The bright-colored contrasting wall gives this office a unique touch. The art hanging on the walls celebrates the deep roots of this family of artists, giving this office a “gallery” feel. The en-suite breakfast bar saves many footsteps to the 1st floor kitchen early and late in the day. A built-in U-Line refrigerator allows one to savor a glass and enjoy the art!

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At A Glance

Project:Home Office
Location:West Park Boulevard
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Features:Bright-colored contrasting wall, en-suite breakfast bar, U-line refrigerator

Client Feedback

“Jim Karlovec listened to our desires from the onset and formulated a design to meet our needs, creatively. Also, very reliable, personable workers did quality work throughout the entire process.”

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