Our Approach To The Design/Build Remodel Process

Design/Build Remodel is a wonderful alternative to the typically complicated process of hiring different firms to perform the design and construction phases of a project. When you hire one firm to design a project, and another company to interpret plans and to complete the construction phase, you are taking on responsibilities, for which you may have limited time, energy, or knowledge to manage.
Karlovec & Company unifies the entire process in the tradition of Master Builders. We provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that our team of professionals and craftsmen are responsible for successful completion of the entire project. Whether grand or simply functional, from concept to completion, our clients see continuity of vision in the implementation of their plans and in the achievement of their goals.
During the conceptual and design phases we get to know our clients, their unique needs and what the physical structure and client budget will allow us to accomplish. Skillfully incorporating this intimate knowledge across every step of the design, planning and construction phases, Karlovec & Company is able to translate client needs and project knowledge into action. When challenges inevitably develop during the construction phase, the Karlovec & Company team is able to respond appropriately and successfully with minimum disruption to your project.
The Karlovec & Company team takes pride in understanding not only the big picture goals of every project, but also the seemingly endless number of finer details that truly differentiate well run, high-quality projects from the average remodel. This difference is frequently most appreciated by clients who have been through unsuccessful remodels. The Design/Build Remodel process is also well suited for beginner remodeling clients who expect professional level service, timely communication, and a results-oriented focus.
If this process sounds attractive to you, then please take the next step toward a better way. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

What To Expect

When you hire Karlovec & Company, we manage the entire project with your input. We will include and inform you during every step of your project’s progress, using effective communication methods we’ve perfected over 20 years.
Here’s what you can expect during each phase of our design/build Remodeling process:
  • In-home Consultation with Jim Karlovec, Company Principal/Lead Designer

    • Discuss client needs, wants and dreams
    • Review project space
    • Discuss target investment
    • Establish project parameters and goals

  • Review and Sign Agreement

    • Design/Build Remodeling Contract

  • Site Survey

    • Measure project space and related areas
    • Photo document project space and existing architectural details
    • Complete visual analysis of structural and mechanical systems including framing, heating, cooling, plumbing and electric
    • Gather client design ideas, photos, magazine clippings and notes

  • Design and Project Development

    • Establish Design Theme
    • Create conceptual drawings focused on layout/floor plan goals
    • Select project materials including cabinets, fixtures, tile, hardware, etc.
    • Refine project estimate
    • Finalize construction drawings, project management documents and schedule

  • Construction

    • Secure city approvals and permits
    • Pre-construction walk-through with client
    • Install dust and floor protection
    • Coordinate work with Lead Carpenter and Production Manager
    • Build to plan

  • Project Wrap

    • Complete final walk-through with Client and Karlovec and Company staff
    • Refine details to client satisfaction
    • Present Certificate of Completion, product warranties and manuals
    • Receive workmanship warranty

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